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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 25, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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(cers andpplause).am: ok at reus >>ivmeac jme is wouit ma. >>k oncbhat yeara fme now nma we got talko abourilliaie why. i f noyou s movie at " walkingt? rig,eah >>esat t son yothiy ove it do yomembereisthae g n v,eme atg,ememr rg.weould s both s t
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kn wea? ye.lsike onsid rr >>eah, i i ijuer hm.>>yotheke nto i term es t gget es hateames: ra question for any of oue this?, i dre>> jam.ig n . egg be . eggie: w ng a cowweapon iharact ylay inu liev at explosive tips if ind u strip chane jacks >> r.
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jenna trman
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: nou hait >>es: sosebu you'reo leavelansto her. abs k, snkitllma rthbeinngl, ths wng b mried h t ioftt'upseto b ani n'o in tt. i d'tan tme i usth iwe i pretucme upo eve m.'m g te g f o ie s? sufi>> >> jes: yo wd wiibma le arik arieyan>>whs l? t thg yowrina or you a i wn u g fmati? ditel thhg t t theooathe acsamelac d n' dp e gla. jamesrit. >> and then imaneha
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jt ohaeverti >>: u put ur i feleiyon'ttart putng oihe yea no, ip t, ikip that >>ne me miel. >> wme newsiom t, aal we >>es: ,. when w hat iis fidaywe ve wle kf e rofong w'r or tht. j: yav dit
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sgve j: m gss at tdr wperfm iri whe me bk. dont tmacewi tht wtu!wsck !
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i wawah baby llhtm gonnri iok her rn pk by working i r fi that'at i'mkee higherigr tonight i'm gonav t a ui orch,dorf doslee bod donto i wm nna twa h n algh
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whileat we le rthat (eerslause ) es: alemeelver wh a pormala
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